Who We Are and What We Do

Imagine Enterprises, Inc. is a non-profit corporation established in the State of Texas in 1995. We’ve offered services to Texans with disabilities for over 25 years. We have worked in successful partnership with state and local government services throughout Texas on a variety of programs. We’re known for our innovative service delivery and the ability to get the job done with timely quality.

Our Mission

The Board and staff of Imagine Enterprises believe all people with disabilities can work, achieve self-determination, and obtain control over their resources with Social Security benefits planning, financial management services and employment consultation.

ricky peer mentor and norine executive director standing in front of Imagine banner

We envision a world where all people, including those with significant disabilities, are respected, valued and provided opportunity in the home, workplace and community. Our mission underscores our belief that all people can work, achieve self-determination and obtain control over their resources with Social Security benefits planning, financial management services and employment consultation. The Board and staff of Imagine Enterprises are committed to finding new and innovative approaches to assist people with disabilities and their families to successfully negotiate the service system and to use their public and personal resources to acquire a meaningful and productive life in the community — just like everyone else.

To achieve this vision and implement our mission, the person must be in control of their destiny. Their dreams and desires are at the center of the decision-making. Person-directed planning, supported employment, supported living, transition planning and family support are tools for building the future of the people we serve and the families who support them. Providing quality services one person at a time ensures success for the person, the family and the community. Imagine services will always meet this standard as well as guide in the selection of partnerships, contracts and agreements with agencies and organizations who seek similar outcomes.

Imagine approaches service delivery differently than most organizations and agencies. As a virtual organization, each staff delivers quality services based on core values, guiding principles, professional expertise in their subject area and a commitment to the individual and their family. We are a collective of people with disabilities, parents, family members, advocates and professionals who desire an organization that steps “out-of-the-box” to assist in problem-solving and craft life-long solutions. The organizational motto “Imagine That!” reflects the staff’s energetic and creative organizational attitude.

Teamwork, relationship building, community involvement and personal empowerment are critical in order for people with complex issues and significant support needs due to disability, to be fully accepted and included in typical life. To that end, Imagine adopts the following guiding principles:

The threads of dignity, respect, value, and compassion are woven into every aspect and activity supporting people with disabilities. Our goal is to offer services to allow individuals the opportunity to share their gifts and enrich the places where they live and work — rather than spend a life time estranged from the community in congregated, segregated settings. Staff, acting as agents on behalf of the person with the disability and their family, strive to maximize the resources and implement effective strategies that are responsive to their requests for employment and community living supports. Imagine That! A world where individual with disabilities are empowered to shape their own lives through relationships with family, friends, employers and other community citizens.